Clipping Recipes This Weekend

Here it is Labor Day weekend but the weather is not good for being at the Lake or outdoors, so I am in my room clipping recipes. I have a huge stack of old magazines and newspapers that have great recipes that I flagged with a post it note but never got around to trying yet. So I am getting all these clippings organized, copied down and filed so I can find them easily over the next several months.

My goal is to try at least one new recipe every week. It is hard to be creative with food during the week. When I get home from work I am usually exhausted and not in the mood to spend a lot of time or energy in the kitchen. But on the weekends, I can check the new recipe for the list of ingredients and put the needed items for my pantry on my grocery shopping list, buy what I need, and then spend some time in the kitchen without anybody bothering me while I try to cook.

This weekend I am going to try a recipe for a yellow squash casserole. It calls for Ritz crackers, which I don’t normally have on hand. So, I’ll be heading out for the grocery store in a little while to do my shopping and I’ll make sure to pick up a box of Ritz crackers, then I’ll make the casserole tomorrow for dinner. I’m sure it will be tasty – I love yellow squash!

Rounding Up My Old Jewelry

Today I was looking for a certain pair of earrings and could not find them. But I was struck by how many pairs of earring I do have cluttering up my jewelry box that I no longer wear.

I think I will round up all my old jewelry and find someplace that would like to have it. I am sure there are places that want to have old jewelry. There is no sense in my holding onto it if I am never going to wear it again. I would like to think that another woman or even young girl would like some of these old pieces to have and wear.

I don’t want to just drop off the jewelry at Good Will. Do you know any place like a woman’s shelter or school that does crafts where I could take a big box of old earrings and necklaces?

Read The Dreamer by Joy Redmond

My sister just sent us a precious little storybook written by one of her Facebook friends. The book is called, The Dreamer, written by Joy Redmond. The story is about a little girl who visits her grandparents farm every weekend and discovers a talking baby deer. They have a little adventure together and learn about life for people and animals who are different from everybody else.

The author, Joy Redmond, published the book after retiring from her career in medicine. On her web site she says she has always wanted to write books for children and now she has the time to do it. I think that is fabulous that she is finally realizing her own dreams and is a published author.

Even though the story is about a little girl, my grandsons thought is was a good story. It is easy for children of all ages to understand the story but it was not too juvenile or simple. I can see that adults would enjoy the book for the sake of the story and the authentic Kentucky dialogue, even if they don’t have any children of their own.

In my opinion, this would make a great animated movie. I don’t know how the publishing industry works or how to get someone who makes movies to pay any attention to this book, but we can always use more good movies for children and The Dreamer would be a good one.

Looking Forward to Blueberries This Year

Last year I planted some blueberry bushes in the backyard and I am looking forward to picking some fresh blueberries this year. I bought the bushes on clearance from the KMart Garden Center at a huge markdown. The plants were originally $25 for each bush. But I was able to grab out 4 of them for just $5 each. I figured that I easily spend $5 a month on fresh berries at the grocery store. So if these bushes give me a cup or two of berries than I will be saving money after just 4 months, plus they will be totally fresh since they are right here in my yard.

From what I read online about blueberry bushes, they do not produce fruit the first year they are planted in your garden. So I am hoping that I am calculating that correctly by expecting them to produce this summer. If I am wrong, they will not produce this summer but will be giving me fresh berries NEXT summer. I can’t wait to see if I get berries in my garden this year or not!

Domestic Law Failings

Our country has come to a very sad state of affairs when it pertains to our children and unmarried parents. The divorce and child custody system is extremely expensive, cumbersome and lengthy and our children suffer from it.

My niece Gail was telling me how her best friend is dealing with a breakup and child custody and visitation issues. It breaks my heart. Her friend is trying to get out of an abusive relationship and because her boyfriend is a psychopath who will do anything to control her and abuse her, he has taken their baby daughter and left the state and there is nothing she can do about it.

It must be terrifying to know that your baby girl who cannot even talk yet is under the complete control of a man who is a violent criminal and yet you cannot even file a police report or do anything to get her back home with you safely.

The only thing she can do is hire a lawyer with money she doesn’t have and go through the court system, which takes thousands of dollars and months – if not years – to resolve. This is unacceptable. Her daughter is the victim in this situation and there is nothing in our justice system to actually protect her. How does our society allow this to go on?