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possible scary future for cellphones - more ads

I read an interesting post on the w3 mobile section from Alice Pretchet about more adsphonemapgps coming to cell phones. She mentioned a very scary possibility of more ads that made me consider what it would be live to have more uninteruptable ads taking time out of my precious day. Generally the cell phone is something that I have come to rely one for fast immediate informaion. Wether it is an important phone call or a yahoo mobile map, I need that info as fast as possible. If my service started adding more ads to my cell phone experience I would definitely switch carriers and would expect that many consumers would also flock to a service for the no ads. Of course there are people who are willing to be interupted with ads for a cheaper service, hence the free411 services that are not giving you free directory information if you listen to an ad they get paid for first. I would expect my wireless carrier to allow me to terminate my contract early and take my number eleswhere should there be more interuptions in my end user expereince.

I also found some similar words of concern via Ashley Bowers’ blog.


New perspective

I am offering a new perspective. I have been a long time offline writer, and being new to this mass of technology and technojargon, I am offering a new way to look at all of this technology that is forming around us. I intened to explore not just internet and web tech, but everyday gadgets as well.

I hope that one day the collection of thoughts here will offer a new way to apporach technology usability by the average person. so everyday people can keep technlogy from taking up all of our time, and become an easier to intergrate tool to help promote more of our lives.

I have sat back and watched my husband spend hours troubleshooting and fixing issues with web sites, computer problems, and issues like programming a DVR. While many of these technologies offer excellent benefits, I am often wondering if the hours spenton maintaining and learning new technlogy are saved when the tech is used.

Today we have more microwaves and cell phones than ever, but it seems that everyone I know is busier and busier, yet how much are we really getting done with our lives in more creative, productive and spiritual areas?

A few of my thoughts as I move onto the web and create a place to share of of my expereinces as I explore the benefits and pitfalls of a new media.