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Hitachi Develops RFID Powder

Hitachi Develops RFID Powder 

The electronics conglomerate recently showed a prototype of an RFID chip measuring a .05 millimeters square and 5 microns thick, about the size of a grain of sand. They expect to have ‘em on the market in two or three years.

The chips are packed with 128 bits of static memory, enough to hold a 38-digit ID number.

The size make the new chips ideal for embedding in paper, where they could verify the legitimacy of currency.. Read the entire story on Wireds Gadget Labs Blog one of my favorite blogs of the many they offer to read. My idea is they could be put on clothes and used to track your kids.




Now there is a way to take tivo along for the ride its easy and a free way to send television programs onto a computer or laptop. It’s available for both Mac and windows computers and works with several portable devices. to do this follow the instructions below

First, transfer recordings to your desktop or laptop.
Consider it in-flight entertainment. After you’ve downloaded and installed the TiVo Desktop software, you can begin sending shows to a networked computer in another room of the house or any wireless laptop. Then, transfer a selection of your TiVo favorites and you’re off. 

Then, save recordings to your mobile device
Once the programs are transferred to a computer, the TiVoToGo software can encode them for a compatible handheld device. You can even schedule recordings and instruct the TiVoToGo software to automatically transfer new shows when they become available.
Finally, burn recordings to a DVD†
You may want to archive your TiVoToGo playlists onto DVD discs for an airplane trip or a family outing in the minivan. To burn a TiVo playlist to DVD, you’ll need MyDVD from Sonic Solutions or Roxio Toast 8. Once burned, you can menu through them on any DVD player with the same great TiVo navigation you’ve come to expect on your home TV.

Thus far I love what I ve seen so far literally found it very useful for long trips with the kids because now I can take just about any movie on the go and it keeps them busy so I can drive. I am also very anxious to see it work on my laptop for my cming up business trip to Vegas.


future security now - microdots for car parts, laptops and more

I came across an enticing story on Digg today that talks about some of the things that may be in use in the future to provide additional security. First thing I did was peruse the comments where people were dogging the use of software as a security device, of course I consider software a tool that may add to security if used properly, but I would never depend on computers alone for anything as important as kids.

So I expected the article to talk only about some new computer cam surveilance software, which I am always interested in seeing who is developing for what reasons, and then consider the improper ways things like this could be used. Well the software they were talking about looks pretty cool, and it’s estimated date of arrival being 2012 makes me just put it on the backburner. I would expect this technology to be used in casinos before anywhere else. Most school systems do not have big security or technlogy budgets to even consuder rolling out a new technology like this for some time, even if it is readily available in 2012 I wouldn’t expect to see this in any school yards until my kids graduate and have kids in school one day.

In one part of the article, page two, they discussed what I find as a very interesting development in micro identifying dots that can be laser etched onto cars and car parts, helping to identify stolen cars. The most important part of this article to me is the ability to use this cool security technology to micro identify a laptop, notebook or ipod. There may need to be a more visible indicator with a reward if turned it kind of a thing to make this service as effective as I would like it to be.

The fact that this company has a home version that you can apply yourself makes this a very cool future secuity product that is available today, and I hope it will have a wider adaptaption and more awareness about finding original owners of laptops, ipods and the like. very cool.

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wifi everywhere but where is the security

I remember a time when seeing a hotel, or any other business for that matter, that said “free wifi here” was a major selling point. It was something that I would notice, it was unusual. These days it seems that free wifi is pretty much an expectation at any hotel, coffee shop, or any other place that people will congregate for more than a few minutes. With all of the money spent on wireless interent infrastructure you would think that a little more money would be spent to provide secure access.

Especially considering that so many business travelers rely on internet access and many companies assume that their workers are getting online to get more done, I am really suprised that more attention has not been given to the total lack of security.

If I had people traveling and accessing company data with the wireless access offered in many hotels and airports I would have to come up with some strong guidelines for what information they can or should not access. I am willing to bet that there have been a lot of passwords and other sensitive information leaked without businesses or their clients knowing that info is being broadcast in places that any 9th grade geek can get it and use it any way they want.

I think it would be wise for companies to consider what their employees are doing to unsecure important info. I also believe that there should be more access to secure, encrypted wifi.

Just a few thoughts on the brain right now, I hope to add more to this wifi area soon, and look forward to better security options in the future.


This is a new test

This is a technlogy test of the new wordpress elle edition. At this point I must say that I am not real happy with the new editor for writing, I think the onld one was better.. or maybe I am just use to the old one.. a few more posts and I guess I will redecide then..

so the new spell check that I was looking forward to at this point seems to just be a word lookup from a third party site, unless I am missing something somewhere, which is a possibility I suppose.. more on this later I am sure.



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