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Project Eve

After getting edens diamonds done I now have started to work on Project Eve which will be located at .This will sell only Diamond jewelry tailored for women. We have been busy with deciding which authoring tool to use when making this website and we may even go with an open source platform. After that it a team of us will be uploading the content and descriptions of the diamonds for weeks on end. So as you can read, alot of work is underway, so please do not be mad if I am not able to blog alot in the coming weeks I am just real busy.

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April fun

Have been busy with outdoor activities since the good weather has come around these parts. Managed to squeeze in a movie and would like to reccommend The Lord of War starring Nicolas Cage or Nickie as I like to call him, he is my favorite actor. but for the past two days it has been quite cold so I have decided jump back behind the computer for awhile and see what is happening in cyberspace. Seems more and more of my friends are getting online these days which is great. Was steam cleaning the other day and came accross an idea for how to make it better or more user friendly, and will be posting this new idea on my friends blog, I write for from time to time called Ideas and Writings, so check it out if you have more interest in steam cleaning machine ideas. I was wondering if anyone had a great prank they played on or got played on for April fools day? Anything fun or scary will do.