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best device for handheld security camera viewing

I have seen many differnt options for getting a security camera signal to show up on a wireless motion device. But today I wonder that is the best one to consider for the most practical use? I have seen everything from tablet pcs being used for watching home security cams, to miniature 3″ lcd screens made for spytech type application. I have yet to see any programs that allow a palm handheld device or windows mobile device, but certainly there are some out there. Does anyone have any expereince with using palm sized devices (other than dedicated, single purpose devices like baby monitors).

I sometimes think that a baby monitor styles device may be most practical, if only for the cost. It may be most practical to have a small security cam viewing device in every room in the house, so having just one expensive unit that can show the video may actually be outwieghed by the convenience (and subsequent more use) of a cheaper, more readily available device.

What do you think?


motion lights - security

I love having motion lights for security. I have recently replaced my motion light, and forgot how useful it was, both as a nice way to light up the steps and car, but also for extra security. It certainly makes me feel safer.  I have been considering one of those x10 home cam systems that work inside a motion detector light. I would love to hear some feedback from other people on how well they work, or if I should choose another model.