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Microvision and Motorola projection deal

Motoraola has signed an agreement with Microvisions to put projectors in Motorola phones, as if the Razor did not have enough going for it already now it gets a projection screen as well. The timing on this release is sure to hurt the Apple IPhone sales, as  is some early problems the IPhone is having with customers. Ofcourse price will be a key factor but I imagine one day you will be able to get this type of phone free as long as you sign a agreement to use that providers services.


best device for handheld security camera viewing

I have seen many differnt options for getting a security camera signal to show up on a wireless motion device. But today I wonder that is the best one to consider for the most practical use? I have seen everything from tablet pcs being used for watching home security cams, to miniature 3″ lcd screens made for spytech type application. I have yet to see any programs that allow a palm handheld device or windows mobile device, but certainly there are some out there. Does anyone have any expereince with using palm sized devices (other than dedicated, single purpose devices like baby monitors).

I sometimes think that a baby monitor styles device may be most practical, if only for the cost. It may be most practical to have a small security cam viewing device in every room in the house, so having just one expensive unit that can show the video may actually be outwieghed by the convenience (and subsequent more use) of a cheaper, more readily available device.

What do you think?


Handguns Project

Well you probably knew it was coming if you read the last two posts Project Handguns was launched today, this is my third website I made about guns. The motto here is to have twice as many guns as anyone else on the internet for sale for the genere we feature and it looks like they may just do that. I have alot of cool ideas I want to try out in Flash and video on teh website and ofcourse get a mobile version up as soon as humanly possible so everyone on web 2.0 can access the website with ease and not long loadtimes. Have to say i am pretty impressed with what we have made thus far and ofcourse want to do with the site.