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Now there is a way to take tivo along for the ride its easy and a free way to send television programs onto a computer or laptop. It’s available for both Mac and windows computers and works with several portable devices. to do this follow the instructions below

First, transfer recordings to your desktop or laptop.
Consider it in-flight entertainment. After you’ve downloaded and installed the TiVo Desktop software, you can begin sending shows to a networked computer in another room of the house or any wireless laptop. Then, transfer a selection of your TiVo favorites and you’re off. 

Then, save recordings to your mobile device
Once the programs are transferred to a computer, the TiVoToGo software can encode them for a compatible handheld device. You can even schedule recordings and instruct the TiVoToGo software to automatically transfer new shows when they become available.
Finally, burn recordings to a DVD†
You may want to archive your TiVoToGo playlists onto DVD discs for an airplane trip or a family outing in the minivan. To burn a TiVo playlist to DVD, you’ll need MyDVD from Sonic Solutions or Roxio Toast 8. Once burned, you can menu through them on any DVD player with the same great TiVo navigation you’ve come to expect on your home TV.

Thus far I love what I ve seen so far literally found it very useful for long trips with the kids because now I can take just about any movie on the go and it keeps them busy so I can drive. I am also very anxious to see it work on my laptop for my cming up business trip to Vegas.