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daily costs inflating

I don’t think there has been any news about inflation and I think that the corprate bean counters have been playing tricks and cooking the books in this country to make it seem that everything is just fine with the economy, but I do not see it this way in my daily life.

Most everything that I use on a daily basis is going up in price,and I have not had any raise in some time. I do not see my money getting better, but I do see my expenses going up. People I know are asking for loans to get through the month. I have less money to go out and party with because bottled water, soda and gas is going up. My salary is not going up to make up for it. I have seen stories talking about the price of milk will be rising, and we can be sure that everything that is made with milk will be going up as well.

The funny thing is that these numbers will eventually come out, it will eventually make a future president look bad I am sure. Because of the things being today future generations will  be suffering, and money is going to be a major issue with this trickle up economics that is going on today.