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Project Eve

After getting edens diamonds done I now have started to work on Project Eve which will be located at .This will sell only Diamond jewelry tailored for women. We have been busy with deciding which authoring tool to use when making this website and we may even go with an open source platform. After that it a team of us will be uploading the content and descriptions of the diamonds for weeks on end. So as you can read, alot of work is underway, so please do not be mad if I am not able to blog alot in the coming weeks I am just real busy.

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Diamonds Project

Working with friends on a jewelry store idea that sells diamonds and other fine jewelry. After a couple months of work we have put together the website and are about ready to launch our diamond store early this April. My friends have been busy, buying up diamonds all accross the world and are seeking a good location in California for a diamond shop. Should be interesting to see just how many diamonds they do sell online versus the store front location.

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Adult Age Verification

Many of my projects are centered around selling adults products and alot of websites mainly adult stores require some sort of age verification and some require backround checks before you can become a member or buy products from them, the question I have is does it really work? If someone young enough wanted to just click to enter a store what can be done to really indentify that the person is really of age or even who they say? To me it seems silly to have to put a page up asking a user if they are old enough to me this is the responsibilty of the computer owner not the site owner but was wondering what everyone else on the web thought about this issue and if anyone had any ideas on how to better verify a users age or identity.

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Project Shotguns

Have been working on the second leg of this massive project the website sells twice as many shotguns as anyone else on the internet. I did not know there were so many differnt ypes of shotguns when I started this website I mean i saw a few at walmart and gun dealerships around town but when I got the list of shotguns from my employer I was like omg and wtf I way underbid this job lol. So now I have to work double time and overtime in order to complete the clients website and i even asked for some help from friends to upload content and pictures and to do other repatative things while I work on the more complicated matters of the website design. It is going to be a girl party all this week and I am actually quite excited that it is alot more work because now my friends get to come over and stay. Thanks god all my friends have laptop computers and my network is wireless otherwise I would have to drag out some old relics from the storage shed and go thru setting them up and updating all the stuff and blah blah blah blah. One day i will have the baddest laptop on the planet and when that day comes watch out world because I will be mobile.

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Current project selling rifles

Have been enlisted to make several websites related to selling firearms online and providing information including pictures and videos of them, Was a little hesitant at first to take on the project but decided after some time to give it a shot. The them they choose we to offer twice as many guns as anyone else so they choose to go with domains like . This site will offer twice as amny rfiles for sale as any other website on the planet and yes the guys who own it are licensed  gun dealers so there is no shadiness and the site also will require backround checks when it opens along with several other security measures to ensure guns are only sold to people who are legal to buy and own them. I have alot fo ideas on how the look of the site should be and have put together a couple of attractive examples and will soon know which template they want to use on the site. Any suggestions are welcome once the website is up from anyone out there on the design and would be greatly appreciated.