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wifi everywhere but where is the security

I remember a time when seeing a hotel, or any other business for that matter, that said “free wifi here” was a major selling point. It was something that I would notice, it was unusual. These days it seems that free wifi is pretty much an expectation at any hotel, coffee shop, or any other place that people will congregate for more than a few minutes. With all of the money spent on wireless interent infrastructure you would think that a little more money would be spent to provide secure access.

Especially considering that so many business travelers rely on internet access and many companies assume that their workers are getting online to get more done, I am really suprised that more attention has not been given to the total lack of security.

If I had people traveling and accessing company data with the wireless access offered in many hotels and airports I would have to come up with some strong guidelines for what information they can or should not access. I am willing to bet that there have been a lot of passwords and other sensitive information leaked without businesses or their clients knowing that info is being broadcast in places that any 9th grade geek can get it and use it any way they want.

I think it would be wise for companies to consider what their employees are doing to unsecure important info. I also believe that there should be more access to secure, encrypted wifi.

Just a few thoughts on the brain right now, I hope to add more to this wifi area soon, and look forward to better security options in the future.