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Microvision and Motorola projection deal

Motoraola has signed an agreement with Microvisions to put projectors in Motorola phones, as if the Razor did not have enough going for it already now it gets a projection screen as well. The timing on this release is sure to hurt the Apple IPhone sales, as  is some early problems the IPhone is having with customers. Ofcourse price will be a key factor but I imagine one day you will be able to get this type of phone free as long as you sign a agreement to use that providers services.


April fun

Have been busy with outdoor activities since the good weather has come around these parts. Managed to squeeze in a movie and would like to reccommend The Lord of War starring Nicolas Cage or Nickie as I like to call him, he is my favorite actor. but for the past two days it has been quite cold so I have decided jump back behind the computer for awhile and see what is happening in cyberspace. Seems more and more of my friends are getting online these days which is great. Was steam cleaning the other day and came accross an idea for how to make it better or more user friendly, and will be posting this new idea on my friends blog, I write for from time to time called Ideas and Writings, so check it out if you have more interest in steam cleaning machine ideas. I was wondering if anyone had a great prank they played on or got played on for April fools day? Anything fun or scary will do.


Handguns Project

Well you probably knew it was coming if you read the last two posts Project Handguns was launched today, this is my third website I made about guns. The motto here is to have twice as many guns as anyone else on the internet for sale for the genere we feature and it looks like they may just do that. I have alot of cool ideas I want to try out in Flash and video on teh website and ofcourse get a mobile version up as soon as humanly possible so everyone on web 2.0 can access the website with ease and not long loadtimes. Have to say i am pretty impressed with what we have made thus far and ofcourse want to do with the site.


Project Shotguns

Have been working on the second leg of this massive project the website sells twice as many shotguns as anyone else on the internet. I did not know there were so many differnt ypes of shotguns when I started this website I mean i saw a few at walmart and gun dealerships around town but when I got the list of shotguns from my employer I was like omg and wtf I way underbid this job lol. So now I have to work double time and overtime in order to complete the clients website and i even asked for some help from friends to upload content and pictures and to do other repatative things while I work on the more complicated matters of the website design. It is going to be a girl party all this week and I am actually quite excited that it is alot more work because now my friends get to come over and stay. Thanks god all my friends have laptop computers and my network is wireless otherwise I would have to drag out some old relics from the storage shed and go thru setting them up and updating all the stuff and blah blah blah blah. One day i will have the baddest laptop on the planet and when that day comes watch out world because I will be mobile.

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Hitachi Develops RFID Powder

Hitachi Develops RFID Powder 

The electronics conglomerate recently showed a prototype of an RFID chip measuring a .05 millimeters square and 5 microns thick, about the size of a grain of sand. They expect to have ‘em on the market in two or three years.

The chips are packed with 128 bits of static memory, enough to hold a 38-digit ID number.

The size make the new chips ideal for embedding in paper, where they could verify the legitimacy of currency.. Read the entire story on Wireds Gadget Labs Blog one of my favorite blogs of the many they offer to read. My idea is they could be put on clothes and used to track your kids.


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